Seamless Gutters


Update Your Home:

Some people consider seamless gutters to be the crown molding for the outside of your home! At Armour Gutters, we agree! If you are looking to route water off the roof in a strategic and organized manner, while keeping your home uniform in appearance, then seamless gutters would be a great low cost investment.

Seamless Gutters also known as Continuous Rain Gutters, do not have seams on the extruded lengths, however, seamless gutters do have seams at the corners and down spouts which are sealed with the utmost attention during installation. In some cases a seam might be necessary in a “length” if the length exceeds limitations for installation, for instance, inability to fit between neighboring properties or elevate using equipment such as ladders, scaffolding or lifts.

Seamless Rain Gutters are among the most popular gutter installation in the nation and gaining popularity with the newest construction because of their lack of leaking seams over long term. With the lack of seams in a gutter system will protect your home from erosion and “wash out” or the interference of valuable landscape and lower lighting. Properly fit seamless gutters will collect rain and remove the water away from your home by using the seamless gutter, hangers, down spouts, leaders, and drainpipes in such a way not causing damage to your home/business roof, soffit, fascia, shingles, foundation, pavers, sidewalk or landscaping.

Gutter Installation:

Seamless Gutter installation is performed onsite by an extrusion machine. Armour offers 6″ or 7″ seamless gutters as well as half round and copper. The powder coated finish of the gutter material offers a variety of colors (including black, copper, green, brown, tan, white, and gray: multiple hues available) to choose from and down spouts can be ordered in different colors for less contrast with exterior colors once installed.

Armour will pre-measure your home or business and provide a firm quote. Once hired, exact measurements are taken on the day of the installation, the gutters are extruded on premises and installed usually with-in a few hours or day (depending on project, time estimates can be provided). Drip edge will be lifted by Armour provided tooling and gutters installed behind the drip edge in most cases. The aluminum hidden hanger system is the only system used by Armour Gutters. We do not and will not use the old spike/nail system on your home.

Seamless Gutter Maintenance:

Although little maintenance is required once seamless gutters are installed. It may be necessary to clean gutters monthly, seasonally or annually based on your or neighboring landscape. Some home/business owners elect to install Gutter Leaf Guard to prevent debris from filling gutters. Please inqire about this at the time of your estimate for cost associated with this additional installation. Extreme temperatures over long periods of time, like we have here in the Florida heat, can create the need for sealant reapplication. This is not a maintenance issue that would need to be done even annually but usually after multiple years much like you would need to re-caulk a bathroom tube or sink. A 2320 bond caulk is used at the time of installation and can be purchased at a local hardware store. Armour Gutters also offers a gutter maintenance program upon request.

Why Armour Gutters?

We are local New Smyrna Beach residence and we are family owned and operated. We love America and our Freedoms to do business. We have a background in roofing and a keen eye for problem solving water evacuation. With over 10 plus years in the construction industry, Armour Gutters desires to provide you with the most friendly, professional and timely gutter sales and installation experience. Our staff are background checked and we are fully insured in the event of injury on your home or work premises. We take great pride in our A+ BBB rating and 5 Star Google Reviews. We believe our reputation is key and your future good referral is our greatest compliment.

What to Expect:

  •  On time appointment by friendly, knowledgeable and professional Armour Sales Associate with a full explanation of gutter installation and discussion of down spout location or water diversion plan.
  •  A submitted proposal at time of appointment or emailed within 24 hours with a price to include the gutter system, down spouts and any other water diversion items discussed at the appointment.
  •  On time installation appointment by friendly, knowledgeable and professional Seamless Gutter Installers
  • Professional installation of seamless gutter system
  • Proper disposal and clean up of area worked on or around.
  •  Requested payment upon completion of project as described within the terms of the signed proposal presented at or after the appointment time.
  • 100% Satisfaction knowing that once we have completed your project we will return to fix, repair or complete anything we missed or you found and are not completely satisfied about after the installation.
  • Armour Gutters will always be your “call back” and referral company for future projects due to your satisfied first experience.
  • $50 referral gift card is presented to anyone who provides us a referral to another gutter system installation of $700 or more. (Card provided after both parties projects are completed and payment has been satisfied.)

Figuring Gutter Systems & Downspouts:

Armour Gutters installs 6″ gutters (or larger) as this is the most popular and adequate for Florida annual rainfall. 3″ x 4″ down spouts are always used (or larger when specified) to accommodate the diversion of the water flow. 6″ or 7″ gutters can be used for tile and steep pitched roofs with adequate down spout installation.