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Rain gutters serve more than just keeping people from getting drenched by downpours. By channeling water away from your home's foundation, rain gutters prevent flooding, siding damage, erosion, and landscaping damage. Furthermore, those interested in conserving water can direct runoff from gutters into a rain barrel that serves as a reservoir for their gardens. Even though rain gutters are simple structures, they come in a variety of configurations and are made from a variety of materials. There are 3 main styles of gutters: K-Style, Half-Round, and Box gutters.

K-Style Gutters

A K-style gutter is the most common type of gutter for modern homes. The front edge of this gutter resembles the crown molding on a modern home. These gutters will complement your home. Many homeowners choose a color of K-Style Gutter that complements or accents their home's trim.

K-style gutters - gutter installation

Since they have a flat back, they are installed to your Fascia Board trim. Being flush against the wall ensures that water can’t run down your wall. These gutters are more resistant to damage than half-rounds because of the bends and folds in the metal. 5′′ is the industry standard, while 6′′ is for a slightly higher volume.

K-Style gutters are the cheapest and easiest to install. During heavy rain, they can handle more water than half-round gutters. K-Style gutters add a modern look to homes. The downside is that they tend to clog easily and corrode more easily.

Half round gutters

Half-Round Gutters

In older-style homes, half-round gutters are more common. Their name accurately describes them, since the top half of a circular pipe is open for water. Their rustic appearance is due to the patina they develop over time as they are usually made of copper. However, they can also be ordered in aluminum, vinyl, or galvanized steel. These are also available in 5′′ and 6′′ sizes, just like the K-style.

The gutters are installed differently than normal gutters. The first step is to install brackets along the roof edge of the home. As soon as the brackets have been installed, the Half-Round gutter can be dropped into place and secured. Copper gutters are much heavier than aluminum gutters, so they require additional hardware to prevent them from falling off the house.

As a result of the half-circle shape, the inner part of the gutter is entirely smooth. There are a few advantages to being smooth on the inside. Due to the lack of pools of water or standing still, the metal is less likely to corrode or rust. Secondly, as there are no creases or hardware on the inside, debris has a nice clear path and is less likely to get caught up in something and cause a clog. A half-round gutter is easier to clean and less likely to rust, corrode, or clog. They give a home a rustic look. But they are more expensive, take longer to install, and are less effective in heavy rain. Over time, they can become easily damaged and pull loose, so they are less durable than K-style gutters.

Box Style Gutters

Box Style gutters are the third most popular type of gutter you'll see around. Oversized gutters are typically used in commercial or industrial buildings. Their design allows them to handle large amounts of water from larger roofs. The bigger your roof, the more water it produces.

Unlike traditional gutters, box gutters are not hung on the edge of the roof. Their high back section tucks under the roof shingles. It is therefore necessary to install them when the building is being constructed. By doing this, water cannot enter the building along the roof edge. An older building can have these installed, but the roof will need to be re-shingled. The standard sizes of box gutters are 7" and 8", but larger sizes like 10" are also available.

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Gutter Materials for Installation

Gutters and downspouts are made from the same materials. There are four types of metals: aluminum, copper, vinyl, and galvanized steel. The K-Style and Half-Round are available in any material, whereas the Box style is only available in aluminum or copper.

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, rust-resistant, easy to install, and available in many colors. It is possible, however, for them to warp and be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Despite their durability, copper gutters are the most expensive and heavier, so they can come loose more often.

A galvanized steel gutter can support a great deal of weight. However, they are extremely heavy, expensive, and prone to rusting.

Vinyl gutters are inexpensive, easy to install, and waterproof. However, they are made of cheap material, so they can bend easily. White is their only color option.

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Hiring a Professional For Gutter Installation Services

Keeping your gutters clean is one thing. Gutter installation is quite another. No matter what, gutter installation should always be handled by a trained and seasoned professional. The most effective way to clean them is to hire an industry expert, but why? If possible, leave any ladder-related job to a professional. Attempting to use a ladder for a project results in too many accidents and injuries, some life-threatening. Why risk it even with a single-story house? The installation of gutters isn't just tricky, it's downright difficult. A defective pitch is a common issue that can occur. As a result, water cannot flow to the downspouts, which is why gutters were installed in the first place.

It is also common for gutters not installed by a professional to have the downspout placed incorrectly. Another purpose of gutters is to transport water off the roof and away from the house, preventing any contact with its foundation. Incorrectly placed downspouts can have the opposite effect. Also, DIYers tend to forget the flashing. This exposes the wood on your roof to water and organic matter, which leads to rot and insect infestation. Without flashing, your roof's structural integrity will eventually be compromised. Whether you need to install gutters on a newly built home or replace old gutters with a new style and material, the job is best left to gutter installation professionals. A mistake you make by doing it yourself can cost you more money and time in the long run.

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There are a variety of gutter options to choose from when having new gutters installed. It is recommended that you talk to a professional before starting any type of gutter installation project.

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