Here are the questions and answers for you

What size gutters do you install?
Armour installs a 6" K Style aluminum gutter in a .27mm thickness.
How far are the brackets spaced within the gutter?
33" apart traditionally. If you want a closer ratio, just let us know!
Do you offer gutter guards or leaf guards?
Do you residential homes only?
No, we also do commercial projects under two stories.
Do you do commercial projects?
Yes, under two stories.
Do you only do 6" gutters?
Because of the amount of rainfall within Florida, we only offer 6" gutters or larger.
Do you offer different color gutters?
Yes, a Gutter Specialist can go over the colors offered when we come out for an estimate.
Do you offer rain barrels?
Do you offer rain chains?
Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we love to meet our potential customers face to face and discuss the scope of the project. We are happy to provide a complimentary visit and estimate!
What is your lead time?
We strive for no longer than 2-3 weeks but all lead time estimates are subject to the Florida weather.
What is your warranty?
10 year warranty on material and labor, this warranty does not include hurricane or wind damage.
Do you remove gutters?
Do you clean gutters?